Athletics is a powerful tool that can shape the lives of youth.


Provide athletes, coaches and families an opportunity to encourage each other and use their athletic platforms to serve.

Athletes 2 Champions Board


Athletes2Champions is a unique nonprofit organization that helps kids build character, learn discipline and value respect through sports. This is truly a grass roots organization that focuses on action instead of words. We get involved. We make a difference. We believe that, with the right help, there’s almost no obstacle a child can’t overcome.


Project Alaska Turf

“Project Alaska Turf was inspired by an Emmy Award winning ESPN documentary by Wayne Drehs on a community in Barrow, Alaska. The program focused on a football program that was implemented in order to reverse high teen suicide rates, accelerated dropout rates and increased teen drug use.

Cathy B. Parker

Find truth and power in the work of Cathy B. Parker, a nonfiction author and public speaker. I raised a family of athletes, and started my writing career in an effort to use my personal experiences to help parents through the highs and lows of raising young athletes.


The 8th Annual Master Sporting Clays Shoot

All benefits go to benefit at-risk youth and develop life-changing athletics and mentorship program across the country.

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