My adult children taught me what the acronym PDA stands for, but for those of you who don’t know, it means Public Display of Affection.  It seems that PDA is only appropriate for the unmarried, young and beautiful.  In fact, my daughter (21) will quickly tell me and her dad, my husband for over 30 years, “Will you please just get a room!”  Now, I’m not for sure where that room is that she is referring to because she has also told us that the walls in our house are thin and we need to knock off any thoughts of foolishness.

We certainly can have a lot of fun embarrassing our children with threats of PDA, but is showing affection publicly a good thing?  I believe that it is important for my own children and the many high school students that my husband interacts with daily to see what commitment and true love really looks like.  It amazes me that in a world where there seems to be no boundaries for lewd and sensual behavior, a simple hug or kiss between two old married folks could cause such a chuckle.  So for now…. Coach Parker and wife will keep the kisses flowing!